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This chat is an offline chat system using a system called Internet Relay Chat, or IRC for short. To use this chat system, you will need an IRC client (recommended are: mIRC and X-Chat). If you've never used IRC before, it is recommended that you go read the IRC introduction on

Connection information:

  • Network Name: Online Gamers Community

  • Server Name:

  • Port: 6667

Please read the Social Guidelines before you start using this chat.

Secure Connections

For those of you who want extra security, it is highly recommended to connect to this chat system using a technology called SSL. Both mIRC and X-Chat has support for this built-in, however with mIRC you need to download a few files.

When connecting with SSL, change the port number to 6697. In mIRC, you connect with the port number "+6697" and in X-Chat, you connect to port "6697" and enable the "Use SSL for all servers on this network" and "Accept invalid SSL certificate" settings.