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Social Guidelines for Chat


The Online Gamers Community (OGC) IRC Network is a moderated network, in that we reserve all rights to deny access to this server to any user, host or domain without warning or explanation. OGC IRC provides all network services free of charge. There are no fees required to use any server linked to OGC IRC Network, or to register nicknames and/or channels. In return for the provision of free network access and services, we expect users to comply with the terms listed in these Social Guidelines. If you are not in agreement with our policies, disconnect from any and all OGC IRC servers now.

OGC IRC cooperates fully with local, state and federal authorities with investigations of Internet abuse and fraud. OGC IRC takes no responsibility and explicitly disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials that pass through this network, or the results of running any commands while using these services.

Nickname Registration

OGC IRC utilises the “NickServ” service to reserve nicknames. To register your nickname with the service, type “/msg NickServ help register” (without the quotes) and follow the onscreen prompts.

Type “/msg NickServ help” (without the quotes) to review the account commands for the “NickServ” service.

Channel Registration

OGC IRC utilises the “ChanServ” service to reserve channels. If you wish to request a permanent channel on the network, type “/msg ChanServ help register” (without the quotes) and follow the onscreen prompts.

IRC Operators reserve the right to deny or revoke channel registration without cause.

Type “/msg ChanServ help” (without the quotes) to review the commands for the “ChanServ” service.

Acceptable Conduct Rules

All clients connecting to OGC IRC will not use the network to engage in illegal activities, including the transfer of illegal software and/or child pornography and/or harassment of other users/staff. OGC IRC does not tolerate any channel names or channel topics containing offensive words in any language, or a channel that encourages or supports harassment. Advertising, cloning by multiple client connects, flooding by repeated send of text or CTCP commands, use of profanity or harassment of other clients and/or IRC Operators are grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the network.

Channels that are used for illegal activities such as warez and/or porn distribution, the dissemination of multi-player cheats and/or exploits or harassment of other clients will be closed immediately.

Primary offenses that may result temporary or permanent banning from official chat channels include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flooding: This means pinging, sending large amounts of text, joining and parting channels rapidly, repeatedly versioning command and similar behaviour.

  • Illegal Material: This includes, but is not limited to; Illegal copies of software, distribution of MP3 files, movies (VCD/DivX), i.e.; any copyrighted material where the copyright is not owned by the user.

  • Pornography: OGC IRC is intended to be a multiplayer gaming network, therefore you are not allowed to trade, sell, buy or deal in any other way with sexual/pornographic material on OGC IRC.

  • Spamming & Advertising: Spamming and/or advertising (i.e., promoting your website, product, whatever) in channels is forbidden.

  • Multiplayer cheats: Spreading multiplayer cheats is not allowed.

  • Abusive or Offensive Language: The use of abusive and/or offensive language is prohibited in official channels.

  • Clones: Exceeding two (2) client connections from a single IP connection is prohibited in official channels.

  • Bots: Channel protectbots (eggdrop bots, et cetera) are allowed, as long as they are used according to the rules under Clones above. OGC IRC does not offer help to configure your bots, or provide a server for the users to run a bot from! If you can't configure a bot, don't run a bot! Floodbots, Clonebots, et cetera. are prohibited and will result in a network ban.

  • Takeovers: Taking over a channel will result in a permanent network ban.

  • Racism & Nazism: Repeated offenses propagating racism or nazism, or distribution of racist material will result in a network ban.

  • Hacking: Any attempts to hack the network or other users, will result in a permanent network ban and a report to the ISP of the user in question.

  • Impersonation of IRC Operators, Helpers and Network Services: If a user uses any of these nicknames, an operator may immediately disconnect the user from the network without prior notice. Use of these nicknames may result in a permanent ban from the network.

  • Other: IRC Operators may ban a user without warning at their discretion.

IRC Operators

The staff of the network is called IRC Operators or Administrators. They are different from other users in that they have more power than the ordinary user. They are on the network to be of assistance with various matters, placing the channel service in channels, answering questions, et cetera.

IRC Operators will assist clients with nickname and channel registration, answer questions regarding services, and intervene in the event of violations of the Social Guidelines. IRC Operators will not involve themselves in nickname disputes where a pass has been released to another. IRC Ops will not involve themselves in channel disputes involving channel ownership or channel operator hierarchy.

Some additional information regarding IRC Operators and official network support channels:

  • #feds: OGC IRC Operator Channel.

  • IRC Operators of OGC IRC are volunteers. They do not get paid for their work. Most of the IRC Operators have ordinary work to attend to at day and/or nighttime, families, et cetera. The IRC Operators of OGC IRC are NOT required or obligated to help users at any time. Sometimes, this means that it will take some time to get help in #feds. Please be patient, and if you don't get any help from an IRC Operator, please come back later. If you don't require help from an IRC Operator, try to join #support, as they are qualified to help out in the most cases, and answer a lot of questions.

  • Please note that #feds is not a “How do I do this and that” question channel. This channel is for reporting abuse, network questions, advanced “NickServ” and “ChanServ” questions, et cetera. Questions not regarding these issues, will be ignored. Please see #feds channel rules for rules about this channel.

  • Becoming an IRC Operator: Becoming an IRC operator requires not only a strong working knowledge of IRC and this IRC network. Operators are selected when there is a need, and never given based on who is asking for it.


This document serves as a guideline for acceptable use expectations and policies for the OGC IRC network. It is by no means inclusive of all details and subject to change and/or modification at any time without prior notification.

Questions about these Social Guidelines may be submitted via email to:

(Last updated October 25th, 2002.)